Real-time social payment networking.

Friends connect payment cards to share purchases on a single card.

1 Before

Participating issuers allow their cardholders to enroll card(s) into tab so that they can invite friends to pay together dynamically.

Friends connect any combination of credit/debit or prepaid payment cards to join a transaction.

2 During

Our systems accept transactions and automatically split the total when cards are charged by merchants.

Transaction totals are split if everyones cards are approved.

3 After

Everyone pays their part instantly, and automatically. Tab notifies everyone with the amount they paid and influencers earn rewards.

Safe, secure, and simple, tab makes conveniently sharing experiences priceless when cardholders spend life together...

Tab accepts


Technology built to catalyze commerce.

Tab provides the convenience of streamlined and consolidated purchasing power. When cardholders share experiences with tab, everyone sees how easy it is to spend life together with your brand in their hand.

While P2P payments solutions allow for the pushing, pulling, and pooling of predetermined amounts of money, they lack the dynamic integration with existing payment infrastructure necessary to create a compelling consumer experience for the modern, mobile millennial before, during, and after transactions.

Everyone Benefits

To provide added value to all of the players in the payments value chain, Tab:

  • Drives net-new revenue for financial institutions and payment card networks.
  • Provides a simple, secure, real-time network for cardholders to share payments.
  • Consolidates customers on a single payment for merchants to increase average spend.

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Share experiences & spend life together.

Dedicated to changing how we spend together.

Rather than paying separately, we believe that connected consumer cardholders should have the ability to spend together.

We make social spending possible by storing payment card tokens on file, splitting the total when any merchant charges a tab-enabled card, and charging everyone their respective portions dynamically. By utilizing our payments technology, we envision a world where payments are transformed into a social network riding the payment card rails to drive collaborative consumption.


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Rob Ianelli


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Paul Cheek


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Dan O'Malley

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